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    Hi, I will make this thread to make some suggestions... this will be a long thread so I will try divide some of them in different points.
    1.- The VIP System.

    I made this suggestion already in StoryMS, and it was rejected, now in MapleMS, we are having the same issue, please think about this. This is the big barrier for why we are not getting new players.
    Due the link system we are forced to create 20 chars, and we are forced, even if you say that is optional, we all know that is not the case, to buy VIP in all the chars. so most of the new players don't stay to play due the too much adventage that people who donnate from people who does not.
    The Pay to Win need to be nerfed. How?
    Making the @goto free for all. This will delete the barrier that new players has.
    this change will affect to current players? Not really, people who donated will not get mad, because they already got enought beneffit from it selling them for CS/WS. Will this stop players continue donnating? Not really, the NX is still needed for gachapon and the main char is almost mandatory to have VIP. Also you can make that only VIP can buy from cashop the PetVAC + x2DROP

    I know that in reddit the server is too much criticised because the pay2win, this change will be make a big difference

    This change will bring more players to the game and will keep them active on the game.

    2.- The SkillBooks DROPs

    This is a really big problem here in the server.
    at this moment, the market is kinda just focussed on ES scrolls, WS, or chaos scrolls, any other item does not have sense.
    and why this happen? This is because kill the early bosses almost do not have too much sense.
    Only if you are Evan or NL where you need your skillbooks from Zakum.
    in GMS- The lvl 30 books where dropped only for Bosses, what make them have value, and people could commer with them, what make the market more active. I think we should remove lvl 30 books from mobs and back as GMS-like was.
    example. why we can MW30 from a mob where in GMS only PB dropped it? Make the market more active is the same than say make the game more active.

    3.- If the point 2 is approved, the inicial bosses should be buffed a little for avoid people abuse of them. Buf you can buff the EXP as well, so people can train bossing and not only in FES2.

    4.- In other servers that have a lot of players, the people are too much active due the bosses are one of the part more fun of the game. Here, after you be max linked, you are stuck in a point where your only solution is camp in Bye Bye to farm, well PQ is a really GOOD feature, but I think we are stuck in that point where we cannot do anything else than PQ or ByeBye after be max linked. You won't bossing due you wont get anything good from them, besides ES. so people just get boring after be max linked.
    Even when the server has a lot of content, this point where the early game cannot connect with the mid game is too big.
    My suggestion is implement any of the following changes.
    1.- Make Bossing give Boss Points that you can trade them for a Box that can give CS or WS
    2.- Introduce a Boss more harder than the early bosses but lower than Cygnus where people can farm CS/WS (For example Chaos Zakum or Chaos Horntail). But they need be reworded, just adding HP to the normal Zakum and Normal HT is not the solution; because in GMS they had their own dinamic. The drops from those mobs need to be only CS/WS. they need to be buffed where people needs to be a party of 6MAN to kill them. so a Solo players will not exploit it.

    5.- Job Balanced.

    I know that all the Jobs are balanced in the End Game. But Mages being too much strongers in the Early Game, make people really disapointed scrolling a lot of equips only to have lower DPS than a mage without equips. How we can solve this?
    If we can't modify the skills from the jobs due this will affect the end game, the only solution is introduce early equips with m.att/w.att that will not made too much difference with Mages, but will make a really big difference in the DPS for attack Jobs
    Explorer's Magical Ring
    Explorer's Cruel Ring
    Lilin's Ring
    Witch's Deep Purple Belt
    items that cannot be scrolled but can be leveled... we can get them from Bossing Points maybe?

    Also I think Jobs as Buccaners and DrK need a little buff.