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    Hello All!

    I have played msps servers for a very long time since the success of rhydams and even the down fall of D. Chaos MS.

    I would also like this server to grow and capitalize on the collapse of a recent server that shares common traits.

    These suggestions are just as stated suggestion and entitled to opinion.

    Skills, Classes and AP/SP:
    - Nimble Feet: MP-10; Speed +20 for 12 sec. Cool Down of 1 min. ---> MP-10; Speed +25 for 30 sec. Cool Down of zero.

    - All SP must roll over to your next job advancement period. The annoyance of being forced into putting points into useless skills for example "Magic Armor" when the 11 points could have been used in "Thunderbolt" most classes suffer from this.

    Monsters and Spawns:
    - Double or triple the amount of creatures. Maps are big and skills are small or very short. If the population grows people are going to be forced to kill the map and switch channels then repeat. It also gets compounded by the uncapped magic. If there were enough monsters on the map then another channel is available. Adding more monsters also helps with partying up by allowing the full use of AOE skills and makes short range classes more efficient.

    More to follow....