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    Old news posts from Discord for older versions / updates below.
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    v2 Update - June 2 2020


    Please re-download all files from the website or you will not be able to join.

    What's New?

    - No more GFX-related crashes!
    - Gate to Future, Cygnus Boss, & Chaos Pink Bean added!
    - TONS of new high-version Cosmetics and Chairs added!
    - More skill balances for weak classes!

    More changes:

    - Chair Gachapon NPC in FM gives a random chair. (Buy gachapon ticket in Cash Shop)
    - Lvl 77 Maple Pyrope weapons added. Can be crafted with Agent E.
    - @dps and @epm commands. (Damage per second / Exp per minute)
    - Enabled Omok/Card games in Free Market.
    - All equips properly show item level.
    - Cash Shop Donor section properly organized into categories.
    - Custom 'Legendary Scroll' added.
    - 'Reverse DB Mask wearable' for all jobs.
    - Enabled CC'ing in FM rooms.

    More details

    No more GFX-related crashes
    - The infamous 'gfx' bug that causes players to crash during boss runs has been completely fixed. Yay!

    Gate to Future & Cygnus Boss

    - To go to Gate to Future, enter the left door in "Time Temple - Three Doors". VIPs can use '@goto gate' to go straight to Henesys Ruins.
    - The mobs in the Knight's Stronghold are perfect for grinding for levels 150+. Train in a party to gain bonus EXP for Party.
    - To start Cygnus Boss pre-quests, talk to Temple Keeper in 'Three Doors', min. level 160.
    - Cygnus Boss drops 20 Legendary Scrolls, which can increase an item's level beyond level 7 (max. 10)

    TONS of new high-version Cosmetics and Chairs added!

    - Cash Shop Donor Section has been completely re-organized into neat categories.
    - Besides new equips, we also added: New Pets, Hairs, Faces, Mount Covers, Rings, etc.
    - Use the Chair Gachapon in FM to get a random chair! (600+ new chairs added)

    More skill balances for weak classes

    - Will be added to guide
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    v3 Update - November 9 2020
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    v4 Update - March 1 2021

    Please re-download ALL files from the website or you will NOT be able to join. Do NOT mix old files with new ones. Just extract the entire v4 folder!

    What's New?
    - Hilla! New boss for super late end-game players with new craftable Best In Slot equips! To start the Hilla pre-quests, you must have finished the Ark pre-quests first.
    - 3000+ new cash items! Time to go shopping. Or test your luck with the new Cash Surprise boxes!
    - Skill balances: Buffs to Buccaneer, Night Lord, Dragon Knight, Aran and Bishop! Slight tweak to Paladin. Check #skill-balances channel
    - 100+ new monster cards for Mushroom Shrine, Ninja Castle, Malaysia, Amoria, Showa, CWK, NLC, Neo Tokyo, Haunted House, Pianus2
    - New projectiles for Night Lord, Archers and Corsairs which can be crafted by talking to Sasuke in Ninja Castle.
    - Darker Shades of Virtuosity, the upgraded version of Shades of Virtuosity is now available by bringing the required materials to Coco
    - Crocell now drops a Pirate Shoe suitable for Buccaneers (Gives STR instead of DEX)
    - 3 new custom JQ maps for events
    - @buyback command! By popular request, this command allows you to buy back accidentally sold items. Note that the buyback list is reset upon log out.

    Other Changes
    - Ark overalls for Pirates and Archer have received buffs. If you already crafted these before, you can reset the stats by talking to Maple Administrator.
    - Ark equips traded with Spindle now have randomized stats, have had their recipes slightly modified, and are now SOKable instead of tradeable.
    - Weekly/Daily raid limits now increment upon clearing the boss instead of entering. Note that all players who entered the event will get their run count incremented even if they leave before the boss is killed.
    - Weddings have been re-coded. They are now much shorter and less prone to user error.
    - Death Counter now shows in the middle of the screen for expeditions that have it.
    - Ark HP reduced by 17%, Empress HP reduced by 40%, Chaos Empress HP reduced by 50%
    - Time limit for Empress changed to 120 minutes, Chaos Empress 60 minutes.
    - Empress now drops 12 Legendary Scrolls instead of 20.
    - Chaos Empress is now limited to 1 run per day instead of 3 runs a week.
    - Black Mage's Rage will now nullify WDEF/MDEF/AVOID in Empress and Ark so players take more than 1 damage.

    Bug fixes
    - Mob skills now affect multiple players instead of always affecting only 1.
    - Fixed Shinsoo not spawning if the knights in Empress are not killed
    - Many later-version mob skills have been fixed so they now actually do something.
    - AP Resets now work even with > 999 str/dex/luk/int
    - Females can now propose engagement without having to talk to Moony
    - Fixed Homing Beacon not being removed from previous mob after casting it again
    - Fixed sometimes quest not being startable after forfeiting it
    - @toggleexp now works correctly in party quests/expeditions
    - Donation King medals no longer bug out every 1st of the month
    - Blaze Wizard Seal skill now works
    - "Educating Smart Pets" quest fixed
    - Empty engagement ring boxes can now be dropped
    - Fixed buddy requests not working in certain conditions

    Download the StoryMS v4 files now @
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    v5 Update - May 21 2021


    Please re-download ALL files from the website or you will NOT be able to join. Do NOT mix old files with new ones. Just extract the entire v5 folder!

    What's New?

    - EVAN Class - This class will be enabled 1 week later on the **28th of May @ 5 PM Eastern Time**. Evan is a special class that has lower EXP rate, no partying, trading, storage, etc. (aka "Iron Man Mode") until level 255. Evan will count towards total linked level! Evan can be created by purchasing the the "Create Evan Character" item from Cash Shop.
    - Added Twilight Perion, new high-level grinding spot
    - Many skill balances such as speed+jump buffs to Corsair's Battleship, higher damage for NL, Bishop, and more. See #skill-balances for the full list.
    - Removed gender restrictions on all equips
    - NEW PQ: Nett's Pyramid! For the next 30 days, players who complete Nett's Pyramid will have a 1 in 7 chance of receiving a CASH hat with stats called __Pharaoh Crown__! Nett's Pyramid can be run once per day.
    - Made the stat window wider so strong players can see their whole damage range
    - 4 brand new Custom JQ maps! Expect to see them in events
    - New VIP command: @togglesmega
    - Fishing Lagoon: The Fishing Ring is now a CASH ring (1 month expiration) and is much easier to acquire.
    - Event Point rewards reworked: Event Ring better stats and longer expiration.

    Other Changes
    - Lowered accuracy of end-game bosses
    - VIP Gun now has faster attack speed
    - Buffed Silent Pirate Armor
    - Fixed having to type @enableauth to delete characters
    - Enhanced Legendary Scroll is now a separate item
    - Fixed the server notice bar and weather effects not being centered on the HD client
    - Moon Chair and Komainu fixed (accidentally broken in v4)
    - Naricain's Demon Elixir has been made more common in gachapon
    - Increased max slot size of swiss cheese and naricain's demon elixir
    - Fixed numerous glitchy cash equips
    - Automated event participation is now limited to 1 client per PC to prevent botters from farming event points. Idle players will also no longer get rewards
    - Removed "Rumor in the sea of fog" quest
    - And many more bugfixes + future content

    Download the StoryMS v5 files now @
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    v6 Update - August 23 2021


    Please re-download ALL files from the website or you will NOT be able to join. Do NOT mix old files with new ones. Just extract the entire v6 folder!

    What's New?
    - Magnus! New strongest boss in StoryMS for end-game players with new craftable Best In Slot equips including new weapons! To start the Magnus pre-quests in Pantheon, you must have finished the entire Hilla questline first.
    - Lottery! Buy lottery entries in the FM. Every week on Saturday @ 11AM server time, a lucky winner is chosen to win the grand jackpot! Even if you don't get the jackpot, you can still win amazing prizes.
    - Bosses in 2nd half of Boss Rush PQ have been made stronger. Each party member now gets their own crate after completing entire Boss Rush PQ
    - More Town Donation King Medals have been added: Orbis, Ludi, Aqua, El Nath, Omega Sector, Korean Folk Town, Leafre, Mu Lung, Herb Town, Ariant, Magatia, etc
    - Fishing Lagoon has been merged with Free Market. You can now fish right in the FM.
    - Skill balances: Buffs to Night Lord, Bishop, Buccaneer and Corsair! Arrows from Ninja Castle buffed for Archers. Check #skill-balances channel
    - 3 brand new Custom JQ maps for the automatic events pool
    - Evan EXP rate is now the same as other jobs.
    - All expeditions that had weekly limits now have been changed to daily limits instead. Emp, Cemp, Ark and Hilla expeditions have been made a bit shorter.
    - Added @daily command that shows remaining runs for bosses with daily limits
    - Hilla can no longer be pushed. She will now stay in the middle and actually do her skills. Expedition member limit increased to 30. Hilla max deaths lowered to 15
    - Internet Cafe PQ reward system re-worked to be easier and less confusing
    - Added @goto cafe, heliseum, pantheon, magnus


    Other Changes
    - VIP weapons are now SOKable
    - Tweaked Enhanced LS recipe
    - Made fishing 33% faster + Adjusted fishing rewards
    - Removed elemental resistances from Boss Rush PQ monsters
    - Buffed the EXP of mobs in CPQ2
    - Added 10% Crossbow and Knuckler scrolls to the Crimson Balrog spawned in Balrog PQ
    - Increased drop rate of Overall STR/LUK 10% from Skelegon & Duku
    - @toggleexp now saves through relogs
    - New background in Chaos Empress map
    - Changed the map names 2nd half of Boss Rush PQ
    - Added the server date to @time command
    - The first person to complete Custom JQ/Maple Fitness/Ola Ola events is now broadcasted to the server
    - Made commands get handled even if you typed them to all your friends in Party/Buddy/Guild/Alliance/Spouse/Whisper chat
    - Name changes have been moved to Cash Shop. Cassandra can now focus on creating CSOG
    - Neo City's Time Gate now has a nice UI
    - Pets will no longer try to auto-loot LS + Ark/Hilla/Magnus coins
    - There is now a chat message when expedition members pick up loot from end-game bosses (LS + Ark/Hilla/Magnus coins)
    - Made it so you can type in an amount when redeeming CS/WS from the Fishing NPC
    - Lip Lock Key max stack size changed to 1000


    - Removed text from some Evan skills that incorrectly said you needed a Mastery Book to raise them above a certain level.
    - Evan stage 3 dragon mount sometimes causing crash
    - Custom Snow JQ map falling through floor fixed and has been re-added to the events pool
    - Fixed certain quests such as Mushroom Kingdom not being able to be done by Evan
    - Fixed maps with dark circle effects such as in Magatia PQ looking off
    - Many typos in item names/descriptions such as Swiss Cheese
    - Veteran Hunter Medal being forfeited when entering Cash Shop
    - Challenge button not working in the medal window
    - Hilla's Vamp Cage always killing player even if the cage was broken
    - Sometimes when pressing revive while dead, the window just disappears and nothing happens forcing you to relog
    - Orbis PQ disc stage always taking the same color disc regardless of weekday
    - Fixed endless NPC loop bug in Pirate PQ
    - And many more bugfixes and backend optimizations

    Download the StoryMS v6 files now @
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