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    This guide is meant for total newbies who want to progress quickly and get enough dps to join boss runs. You can play Story in other ways (just fish all day, fmhoe, farm chairs/mounts etc), but I'm going to focus on what you need to do in this server to get enough dps to join runs. (See Dean's DPS Requirement guide). A lot of the information in Jenn's guide, leveling guide, from the recommended guides are still relevant, in this guide I'll make references to those guides, and I'll also assume you have read a good majority of those guides.

    Suggestions are welcome--I want to improve this so that new players may continue to join and know how to progress themselves!

    Before we get into it, here are some important fundamentals to call out.
    • StoryMS has a link system, so you'll need to max lvl 20 characters (all 20 classes - 5 cygnus, 12 explorers, 1 aran, 1 evan, 1 beginner) to maximize your damage. You just need to do the job advance for 2nd job for it to count for your account.
      • Evan is created from a special item in the cash shop, and is a special IronMan job where you cannot trade and must grind yourself.
    • For the fastest progression possible you'll want to get VIP on every character. That's $5 donation * 20 characters. If you cannot donate, you can buy VIP status with cs or ws. Ask in discord market channel. Refer to chapter 2 of the leveling guide for details.
    • VIP does NOT let you skip the zak prequests! This doesn't matter if you don't plan to do zak though, since VIP let's you skip Horntail prequest.
    • Voting: You should immediately begin voting on your account to get nx. You can vote 3x a day from unique IPs. Easy way is to switch your phone to airplane mode and back. Otherwise you can use VPN. Once you reach a streak you'll continually get 10k nx per vote, 30k per day.
    Links (AKA Early Game)
    *In the early game your fastest way to progress is to increase your links.*
    The leveling guide goes into good detail but here is the fastest way through leeching:

    Main class?
    If you already know what class you want to play, great, most classes are viable as long as you roll enough godly gear. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend investing some time into a FP mage for the following reasons:
    • GML - Golden Meso Leaf - 1 billion mesos, converted from Cody in FM. Most end game gear costs multiple GMLs to make.
    • Once you're strong you'll be able to farm Forsake Excavation Site 2 (FES2) or Leafre in Flames 6 (LF6) for GMLs (~2 GML per hour). This will be a big part in progressing in the mid game. Even if you want to main a different character, you'll need a lot of mesos to craft your gear.
    • FP mages are also good for bossing, due to Paralyze hitting for 3 lines on a single target.
    • Mages in general are easier to make strong since they only need to roll gear for 1 stat - int. Magic attack is more or less irrelevant for mages due to the link bonus affecting int only. This means it'll take you less time to get good gear to have enough dps to join boss runs.
    Almost all seasoned players have a mage or access to a mage so that they can farm mesos. You can theoretically progress without it by farming cs and trading for mesos, but it just won't be as fast.

    Phase 1: Make all lvl 30s
    • You should start with the Blaze Wizard as recommended by the guide. Get this to lvl 30.
      • Why cygnus? They get more stats in the early game, so they are stronger.
      • Blaze Wizards get an AOE that lets you farm very quickly in 2nd job.
    • Once you get your to lvl 30, you can now buy from cash shop "Maple Life Type B". This will immediately create a level 30 explorer and add a slot. Assuming you have gotten VIP status on each of your characters, you should have more than enough to make all lvl 30 explorers now. Do the job advancement on each one so that you immediately get the link bonus from them.
    • For the rest of your cygnus knights, you can do Riche from lvl 1-30. Farm some zombie teeth and transfer it to your cygnus knight, then @goto zakum, relog 2x to get to Forest of Dead Trees. Break boxes to level your character.
    • Your account should now have a ton of lvl 30 characters, all different classes, giving you ~500 links.
    Phase 2: Get all characters to 190
    • Farm a bunch of cs, and buy lvl 30-100 leech at FES2. This is a lvl 190 map, but with a PG mule, your lvl 30 character will be able to get exp. Typically 30-100 is sold for 30 cs.
    • For characters you know you do not want to play, save your AP so that you can put it into HP to tank FES monsters later. You'll need at least 15k hp with hyberbody.
    • Once you are lvl 100, you can buy horntail leech to get you to 190.
    Phase 3: Max all non evan, 190-255
    • Your character should have enough HP with VIP that you can tank mobs at FES2, so start looting for people at FES2. Looting means you party with someone else's mage, and while they kill the map you pick up all the mesos, cs, ws. At the end of your session, you give them everything you picked up.
    • *Important* - Recommended to put all your mesos in your inventory at start, and just trade everything you picked up. Don't try to scam people by giving less mesos than you picked up, that just gives you a bad rep. The mages can tell since mesos are split.
    Phase 4: Evan to 255
    Once you have all your other chars at 255. You should begin working on your Evan. The boost from the links should make it pretty easy to level up. There is no shortcut for Evans since they are the iron man class.

    Congrats, you finished your links and are now starting to get out of mid game. It's time to get some gear.

    Midgame (Bossing)
    Now that you have max links, it's time to improve your dps. You'll need lots of cs, so you can either farm at BalrogPQ or BossPQ. If you made a mage you can farm GMLs and buy CS as well.

    How to test DPS: Go to @gmmap, with SE and apple/cheese, and use @dps. Then attack the straw dummy for 1 minute.

    The equipment section from the leveling guide is a good start, but once you have max links, you'll want to start getting initial ark gear. The easiest way is to save up and buy Ark gear from veteran players to give yourself a boost.

    Other ways to improve damage:
    • Doing your achievements to progress your medal.
    • Doing quests and collecting monster cards to work toward your Wiser Ring. These stats add up, especially since you have links.
    How to Progress in Midgame
    First, here are the main bosses in end game, and the things they give. See Dean's guide on dps requirements.
    Starting from Ark, the gear you may craft from them are best in slot (BiS). You cannot trade Hilla, Magnus, and Ranmaru gear, they are tied to your character. Ark gear is tradeable using Scissors of Karma.
    • Empress - Gives Legendary Scrolls 100% to get your gear from level 7 - 10.
    • Chaos Empress - Gives Legendary Scroll 60% to get your gear from 10 - 11.
    • Arkarium - Gives BiS earrings, overall, cape, and 1 ring.
    • Hilla - Gives BiS gloves, shoes, pendant
    • Magnus - Gives BiS helmet, weapon, mask, 1 ring
    • Ranmaru - Gives BiS ring, pet gear & pet permanence scrolls
    Prequests - Most bosses have prequests that you need to do in order to join the boss run. So make sure you work your way up. Magnus is the hardest as there are ~50 quests to get the final "kill magnus" quest that allows you to join the run.

    All bosses will drop boss coins that you'll use to craft endgame gear.

    Your dps progression will typically be a cycle of the following
    • Farm materials, gml, and boss coins to create the gear.
    • Scroll it with CSoG + WS
    • Level it to level 7 by doing Chaos Horntail
    • If the stats are good, use legendary scrolls to get them to lvl 10.
    Late Game
    In late game, you'll do a lot of the same as above, but you'll need to start perfecting all your gear by resetting or making new ones. Gear may be reset to the base stats (fully clean), so you can re-scroll and re-level. Be sure to use the item leveling calculator to figure out whether a gear is Enhanced Legendary Scroll (els) status.

    Congrats, you are now one of the top dps players. Help out newer players to keep the server alive.