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    As you may know, we recently announced that we were planning to reset StoryMS.

    After concerns from the community about not wanting to lose their progress, it was suggested to launch a new server instead of resetting this one so that players still playing on StoryMS could choose to continue to do so.

    Plans for StoryMS Relaunch
    As you have probably noticed, the StoryMS playerbase has been steadily shrinking for a while now to the point where there are often only 50~80 players online. Considering how many players are AFK in FM, the actual number of people actively playing is even lower.

    A relaunch is something we have been considering for a very long time already. The player count has now come to a point where we think it is the right time.

    We have decided that we will be relaunching StoryMS at some point next month (June 2022).

    What does this mean?

    It means the entire server will be reset to as if it had just launched. All characters, items, guilds, etc. will be wiped and everyone starts from fresh.

    Why are we doing this? Why not just release a new patch?

    When we released this server over 2.5 years ago, there were many gameplay aspects we had not thought carefully about, that over time unintentionally became "part of the meta", and by that time it was too late to change. Some of these problems were made even worse in later patches. For example, dropping 20 legendary scrolls from emp in v2 and leveling items to 10 increased the damage so much overnight that weaker bosses became literal 1-hit KOs and even some end-game boss can be soloed by 1 person. The scaling was made way too fast due to poor planning on our part, and soon we had to add chaos emp because players were already running out of content, which dropped 6 more legendary scrolls, leveling items to 11. Meanwhile, due to a botched buff for paladin and FP, almost every class' skills had to be buffed to compensate, we ran multiple polls and nerfing just wasn't an option and would have made many players angry, no one wants to be "punished" for playing the strongest class. Also, VIP weapons all having fast attack speed means no reason to play buccaneer and no reason to use one-handed weapons. Leech meta is also something we dislike, players leech horntail all the way from 150 to max in a span of minutes. In fact, some players skip zakum altogether because there is a prequest, while @goto horntail completely skips the prequest (doesn't make any sense). Spamming Balrog PQ is the best way to get Chaos Scrolls, no matter how strong you are. Bosses all do 1 damage thanks to the ridiculous amount of WDEF/MDEF so we had to add Black Mage's Rage. Endgame players are constantly running out of content, forcing us to keep adding more and more bosses. Patch v3, v4, v5, v6, v7… continuously adding more content, yet the player count never went back up after we peaked at 400 players in Jan 2021. End-game players were still using level 10 shoes for the longest time because of it having two more upgrade slots than every other shoe. The list goes on...

    As you can tell, there are many things we have wanted to change for a long time, but we never could because changing it would mean changing core aspects of the server that players were already used to and had spent time and effort in. Furthermore, we do not think releasing more patches would ever be able to restore StoryMS to its former glory. We have kept a database of exact player counts since the launch of the server, and the numbers show that while releasing patches does bring a few players back who were waiting for new content, the effects are always only short lived and the overall trend of the server continues downwards.

    It is only logical that it would, there are only a finite amount of pre-bb Maplers in the world, and you can not "grow" a server by just making old players happy. There will always be some players that leave (it's inevitable): maybe they got bored, found a different server, got a new job, new school semester, etc. There has to be a constant influx of new players to replace old ones that leave. New players don't want to join a server that doesn't have many players on it, and the few that do join are often discouraged by the evergrowing gap between noobs and end-game. It's a self-reinforcing feedback loop. Even when a new player joins, it is very difficult for them to "catch up" to older players when there are no other noobs to team up with, they feel left out and end up quitting before being able to reach end-game. That's why whenever a new server comes out/relaunches, you see a huge spike in players on day 1 as they all want to be part of something fresh while there is a lot of "hype". The key is in getting them to stay (this is also why so many servers die immediately afterwards and their player count never reaches the amount during first week of launch again). Knowing what we did wrong the first time, we intend to do it right this time.

    What will be different after the relaunch?

    We have silently been working on this relaunch for quite some time already, redesigning many aspects of the gameplay and adding new features. Our focus has been on progression/scaling, player inclusion/party play, class balance, anti-leeching, item RNG, and adding some new skills/job.

    Here is a small list of some of those changes. The full list of changes is much longer:
    • End-game bosses and items reworked
    • Skills rebalanced from scratch
    • New party EXP formulas + anti AFK-leech, removed holy symbol from @buffme
    • Expedition loot limits, to encourage player inclusion
    • Equips only level to 5 normally and leveling no longer increases wdef/mdef/avoid
    • Added Item Tiers (new type of scrolling mechanism)
    • Added KOC 4th job skills
    • Added new custom Iron Man job for challenge and linked levels
    • 2 accounts per person Multi-client limit
    • New QoL commands such as @bosstime, @filter, @sell, @quest, etc
    • Account-wide quest bonus
    What will happen to my account?

    Your account will continue to work so you can join with the same login-credentials, but all characters, items, etc. will be wiped.

    When is the relaunch happening?

    We are still working hard on implementing and testing all the changes and features for the relaunch, therefore the exact date is still unknown at this time. We wanted to make this post to give everyone a heads-up that a relaunch is coming. We expect to relaunch some time next month (June 2022). The official release date and time will be announced soon.

    Today, we are finally announcing the plan for the new server. It will be called MapleMS Relaunch.

    MapleMS Relaunch will be starting open beta testing today and we plan to officially release later this month.


    We hope to see you there!

    StoryMS will continue running for the foreseeable future for as long as it remains sustainable.