How to scroll pet equips?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dokigg, Dec 16, 2021.

  1. Dokigg

    Dokigg New Member

    I keep seeing pet equips with like 100+ stats in all stats. How are these being scrolled to get so high? Thanks in advance for help

    Character names: Fenthick, Centarious, Conanmouse
  2. owner1

    owner1 Owner Staff Member Owner

    The strongest boss Mori Ranmaru drops coins which can be redeemed for special pet scrolls
  3. Dokigg

    Dokigg New Member

    ah thank you so much!
  4. 000F

    000F Member

    Speaking of pet equips, may we get a pet equip for the VIP cash pet “Holoyeti”?

    my apologies if I missed it in the shop, but I don’t believe it’s there
  5. owner1

    owner1 Owner Staff Member Owner

    Just checked and unfortunately seems there are no pet equips for this pet at the moment, sorry