HighImHi’s “Reset Challenge” Event!

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    Welcome everyone to the Reset Challenge Competition!! The rules of this competition will be simple and we will have people monitoring for anyone breaking the rules.

    The rules are as follows:

    1. To register you must make a FRESH account and level 1 explorer (No Cygnus Knights/Aran/Evan and No Link Levels Allowed!!) and you MUST send me the IGN of the new character so I can register you into the competition.
    2. No leeching yourself or leeching others allowed, no transferring items to your character, and no VIP on the character.
    3. TP rocks will be allowed, however you may not set locations using an alt. (You will have 1 warning and you will be disqualified the 2nd time.)
    4. Pets are allowed for pet pot ONLY, no auto loot. (You will be provided with power elixirs just ask if you need more)
    5. You may create your new account early and begin to vote prior to the event to accumulate the NX needed for cash items.
    6. Partying will be allowed for PQ, bossing, and questing. Partying will NOT be allowed for monster grinding (no helping others with veteran hunter quest)
    7. When you finish a challenge you must send me (HighImHi#7243 on discord) a screenshot for proof with your IGN visible in the photo.
    8. I will be waiting at maple island prior to event start to sign you in. If you are late to start, whisper me in game or on discord to let me know you have started.
    9. Have fun!

    The challenges are as such, and you will need to send me a screenshot with your IGN in the photo as proof that you completed it. No screenshot, no IGN, no prize.

    • First to level 255 (or highest level at the end of event) of each class (warrior, mage, pirate, thief, bowman)
    • First to receive slime shoes from KPQ (Yes, you’ll have to fight for it)
    • First party to clear Zakum, Horntail, or Pink Bean.
    • First party to clear normal bossPQ.
    • Highest amount of quests, boss clears, PQ clears, monster cards, and map exploration at the end of the competition (Each one has its own prize.)
    • Highest amount of monster kills (You MUST take veteran hunter quest from Dalair and send me a screenshot of your kills as proof, you can take the quest at level 10.)

    There will also be events hosted every day throughout the day with giveaways. You do not need to be signed up in the competition to play in the events!
    Hide and seek events shall be hosted by our one and only Tony, Russian roulette as well if he would like.

    I also have a few more in mind.
    Quiz questions, JQ races, and more.

    Prizes include:

    • CS, WS, GML
    • Scrolled and clean items
    • Smega chairs and mounts
    • And more…

    At the end of the competition I will do a drawing and one lucky winner shall receive a fully scrolled speed set that will be enough for the 400 (Maybe 500 depending on my luck) speed achievement!

    This event will start Friday June 10th at 12:00 (noon) server time and will end sometime between Friday June 17th and Sunday June 19th. (I will let you know in advance as I monitor your progression)

    Come hang out and see old friends, make some new ones, let’s all one more time enjoy a server we loved dearly and make the best of the time we have left with it!!
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