Going ironman next paycheck & Feedback

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    So I've been playing this server for 31 days, still got much to learn and I am loving it. I had a decision to go ironman 1 week in because the way this server design. Which means no trading, no leeching, gotta grind all 20 chars to 255 myself. For people can't afford VIP, you can allow yourself to use the Mesos you farm to buy VIP, the only uses for Mesos right now is item reset I think, so that's what I will do with all the GML I save on my ironman.

    I've been playing Maplestory private server since Big Bong, played some rebirth server but those server get bored quickly, because after 10 rb you can 1 hit everything and that's no fun anymore. I don't mind sitting in pink bean for 2 hours, that's the end game content I'm aiming for.

    Now for the ironman challenge there are lots of handicaps, you don't get to have juicy equips like empress rings, CHTP, Chaos PB hat etc.. Also you will stuck with lvl 7 item for a very long time until you can solo empress. First 200 hours of your game play will be grinding :p

    So here is my plan for my ironman account
    Make 20 chars then slap VIP on all ($100)
    Then another $100 for NX so total of $200
    Then get all of them to 70 at Richie while farming ulu 2 on mage
    So that is easy 1400 links and a godly +9 claw to start doing normal Zakum, HT and Hairy Lion
    I mean this is all I got so far lelz if any old pro veteran player got any tips for my journey that would be great
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    good luck
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    Good luck x2
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    Good luck man! This sounds wild
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    This is basically how v1 was, which was the most fantastic maple experience I’ve ever had. We were able to trade and leech, but it wasn’t really worth it to do either. Nobody was powerful enough to leech quick enough to buy it and most of the OP items you made were too precious to trade or sell.
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