End game boss difficulties.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alcpvnsd, Jan 6, 2022.

  1. Alcpvnsd

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    The end game bosses starting with Chaos pink bean, and Empress Cygnus, is unbalanced.

    Most of the people without chaos pink bean hat and legendary scrolls would quit at that point.

    for starters, the item level and link levels are part of fun in this server, but also the trying things out.

    When people reach the point where they need chaos pink bean hats and legendary scrolls, the only option they have is BUY from others.

    This server, there are about 80 people online, mostly would be the end game users.

    If there are new users, they can enjoy up to horntail, and maybe pink bean.

    If they want to do more difficult bosses, they want to gather some people for raid, and try, but with server only has 80 people online, and mostly being end game users, this will not happen.

    People can say "You can buy"

    but, what is fun of that. Grind, farm for money, and just buy.

    If you want more new users to stay, the end game bosses will have to be easier to be defeated by new users; balance them out little more.
  2. Alcpvnsd

    Alcpvnsd New Member

    For Empress, what I would do, I would reduce the HP much more, and also reduce the number of scrolls drop.

    That way, new users can get scrolls, but not just by one time.
  3. owner2

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    Have considered this with the current low player count. Will think about it some more
  4. Sheila Gabriela

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    I'll add to this that Magnus runs are being cancelled because people that meet the required dps don't want to run. I've convinced a few and sometimes we can run, but it gets harder everyday. It wouldn't be nice to nerf the boss, but maybe add some item in exchange of a couple of Magnus coins? Ark and Hilla are still going on because of els and els2, but once people have their Magnus eq, they don't run anymore. We'll keep trying, but if you can keep this in mind, would be nice ^^"