Easter Event

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    Easter Event
    Head over to Maple Administrator daily and help her collect some items in return for an Easter Basket!
    Mad Bunny in FM will send you to a secret map inhabited by the Moon Bunnies Space Program.

    Collect 20 Moon Flowers every day to trade in for a random item with chance of getting a Bunny Mouse Hat! (cash item with stats, expires after 1 month)
    You can also help rescue Gaga 3 times for a Spaceship Mount skill (expires after 3 months)

    Easter Event will end after 24th of April

    Other changes:
    - Nerfed Mori Ranmaru HP by 20%
    - Fixed matchcards game bugging out when flipping cards twice in a row
    - Removed the 10,000 fame achievement
    - Fixed bug related to starting expedition after 5 minute recruitment time just ended
    - Fixed map not resetting before warping to Toy Map 4
    - Potential fix for Mori Ranmaru big wolf skill changing direction at last second

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