Christmas Event

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    Collect Nevermelting Snow and donate it to the town of Happyville so that they can have snow for Christmas!
    They need 10,000 Nevermelting Snow channel-wide to activate the Snow Blower and spawn the Snowman.
    Talk to Roodolph to get to the map where the Snow Blower is. Make sure to wear a mitten which you can get from the boxes in Happyville, or you will freeze to death.

    Get all 4 Snowman presents from the Snowman and trade them with Santa in Santa's Hut for random rewards including Gelt Chocolates, White Scroll, Gachapon Tickets, MapleMas party potions and a Cash Santa Weapon with +20 all stats! (Expires after 1 month)

    To enter Santa's Hut, you have to do all the Christmas pre-quests. Talk to News Stand NPC in Victoria towns to start the questline.

    Note: Some quests require you to have the Santa's Encyclopedias in your inventory to start them.
    It is recommended not to drop the encyclopedias until after you've completed the entire questline

    If you already completed the quests on your character last year, then you don't need to do them again.

    Want some more fun? Bring 3~6 friends and talk to the Snow Spirit to enter the Holiday PQ and save the Snowman from Scrooge!

    Event will end on the 1st of January​
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    Happy new year! The Christmas Event has now ended. You'll have 1 last day to trade in any Christmas Present boxes with Santa in Happyville
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