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    How To Clean Your Shark Vacuum Cleaner: The Easy Way Out!

    We know many of you own a vacuum from Shark, for example, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe professional bagless vacuum. Remember that you need to have an idea of how to clean it so that the machine can serve you most extraordinarily.

    Signs that your model needs cleaning:

    • An undesirable, grimy smell

    • Sounds bizarre

    • Dust and dirt becoming left behind

    • Suction loss
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    1. Canister

    Obviously, it would be best if you empty your vacuum cleaner’s dust canister consistently. Yet, when at regular intervals (all the more frequently with heavier employment), you should accomplish more than that. Use water and a cleanser to wash it. You will need to open it from the two ends in case your product unit comes with such a highlight.

    You can do so in a sink loaded up with lathery water. Consider using a long-handled bottle brush to reach the entirety of the crevices. It is worth noting the canister does not come in any power connections such as the power cord plugged in; thus, putting it in water should not be an issue.

    After you finish cleaning and rinsing your canister, let it air dry.

    2. Rotating brush

    Follow by placing the model on your floor to figure where the rotating brush is. You might need to put a towel or something under it to get the dirt you are going to let out.

    Without much doubt, you will discover materials such as hair folded over the device’s brush. That comes without a surprise, indeed.

    The review of Shark NV360 suggests counting on scissors to remove anything that has twisted itself around your brush. This way makes it simpler to tidy it up. While you probably need to pull and tug somehow, it will end up falling off.

    3. Filters

    When you move out the canister, you can find a filter or more constructed out of foam rubber, and relying upon your product unit, extra filters constructed out of felt. Be sure you move them out with care, and do not forget the order wherein you do so. That way, you will be able to put them back in the appropriate order. Doing so is not troublesome at all.

    Place the filters in a container of soapy water; make sure you provide them with a decent and exhaustive bath. You may want to clean not only the foam filters but also felt ones. They are indeed easy to clean. Just be particularly mindful so as not to harm the filters constructed out of felt.

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    After you have cleaned & rinsed them, they might or might not come back to their new white look. No need to stress! Provided that these filters do not get broken, etc., they will be okay, regardless of whether they stay stained.

    Let them dry before placing them back to your model.

    Please keep in mind that the filter will, in the long run, wear out. If it does, you have the option to replace it with a breeze. Simply ensure you buy the right filter for your specific product unit from the brand. Our picked Shark unit is the Blue Shark vacuum NV360. It boasts many cutting-edge features that make cleaning our place a breeze.

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    Final words

    Have you read through the guide on how to clean your Shark vacuum cleaner model? If so, what are you waiting for but taking care of your machine right now?! Also, feel free to let us know if you have any related questions. We are happy to reply you.